Trevor Noah Explains Why He's 'Totally On Trump's Side' In Latest Scandal

The co-founder of Trump's Truth Social has come forward as a whistleblower alleging financial misconduct.

Trevor Noah is with Donald Trump on this one.

“The Daily Show” host on Monday delved into the former president’s latest scandal, which involves his beleaguered Truth Social platform. The co-founder of the social media company, Will Wilkerson, came out as a whistleblower, alleging the firm had violated federal securities laws and that Trump had pressured executives to hand over shares to his wife, Melania Trump.

Wilkerson was fired from his role as an executive of Trump Media and Technology Group last week after coming forward.

Noah was unsympathetic.

“I am totally on Trump’s side in this story,” Noah said. “Yeah, it’s the year 2022. If you go into business with Donald Trump, and you’re surprised that you got scammed, that’s on you. What were you thinking? ‘Well, I know the last guy that Trump worked with almost got hanged by an angry mob, but I think I’m going to turn out fine. I don’t know what could go wrong.’”

Watch his roast below on “The Daily Show”:

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