Trevor Noah Calls Donald Trump Out For Telling 'Yacht Sex' Story To Boy Scouts

The "Daily Show" host won't let the president get away with his inappropriate tale.

Once again, President Donald Trump has proven to be “America’s most powerful adolescent,” according to Trevor Noah.

The “Daily Show” host on Tuesday tore apart the speech that the president gave at the annual Boy Scout Jamboree on Monday, in which Trump promised not to get political ― before droning on about politics.

But according to Noah, the most stunning part of Trump’s speech wasn’t his predictable rantings on his former Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton, Obamacare and what the president has determined as the “fake news media.” It was when he launched into an unsuitable tangent that appeared too explicit to even finish.

“Trump did have an actual message for the Boy Scouts,” Noah said. “And, needless to say, it was completely inappropriate for the Boy Scouts.”

The “Daily Show” cut to a clip of Trump telling the massive crowd of Boy Scouts about a real estate tycoon who sold his company “for a tremendous amount of money,” bought a yacht and lived a “very interesting life.”

In the speech, Trump said he couldn’t go more into the story because he was talking to an audience of young Boy Scouts. Then, egged on by the crowd, Trump appears to make a suggestive remark: “Ah, you’re Boy Scouts, but you know life.”

Not for the first time, Noah seemed both confused and disgusted by Trump.

“Did... Did this guy just regale 40,000 preteen boys with the take of an old real estate mogul having yacht sex? Is that what he did,” the comedian asked. 

“And then he ended it with, ‘Yeah, you 12-year-olds, you know life,’” Noah said mockingly. “‘We all smash, right?’” 

Watch the “Daily Show” take on Trump’s bizarre Boy Scout speech in the video above.



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