Trevor Noah: 13 White Guys Will Decide Women's Health Care

See, it goes a lot faster if women aren't around "nagging."

Trevor Noah was astounded that Republican representatives who voted last week to repeal Obamacare hadn’t read the bill and were dodging town hall meetings to avoid the fallout. He was also stunned that Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho) told angry constituents that “nobody dies because they didn’t have access to health care.”

But what really had the “Daily Show” host fired up was the “sausage-y” team of 13 white guys who were tapped to hammer out health care details, including what’s “best” for women.

“This whole thing will go a lot faster if women aren’t around nagging and menstruating all over the bill. Dude power!” Noah, taking on the imagined dude persona of these guys, said. 

Noah then invited correspondent Michelle Wolf to share her thoughts.

It just “doesn’t look like a panel that protects women,” Wolf said. “That looks like the panel that says, ‘Well, she drowned, guess she wasn’t a witch. Let’s throw in another one!’”

Wolf was surprised that the panel couldn’t find a single woman to participate, but somehow managed to dig up two Mormons.

“Which is weird for Mormons,” Wolf said, “cuz normally they want extra women.”



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