Trevor Noah: Real Theme Of Trump's Speech Was 'We're All Gonna Die'

"These problems can all go away for the low, low price of $5.7 billion," the host of "The Daily Show" said.

Trevor Noah, host of “The Daily Show,” noted on Tuesday night that President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address touched on many issues, including the economy, the Robert Mueller investigation and even bullying.

But that was all just throat-clearing, Noah said.

“The real theme of his speech was that we’re all gonna die, Mexican style,” Noah said.

He played a series of clips with Trump voicing such chillings phrases as “ruthless coyotes,” “criminal illegal aliens,” “sadistic traffickers” and “very dangerous borders.”

“The president will be available for children’s parties if you want to book him, folks,” Noah said. “Seriously, this part of the speech was so scary he should have just been doing it with a flashlight under his chin.”

But all is not lost.

“You see,” Noah said, “these problems can all go away for the low, low price of $5.7 billion.”

Trump said in his speech: “Simply put, walls work and walls save lives.” 

Noah retorted: “Really, Mr. President? Walls save lives? Tell that to Humpty Dumpty. He could’ve been an Instagram star. Now he’s just a fritatta with 27 likes.”

Check out the video below. (The show begins at 4:55.)