Trevor Noah Calls B.S. On Scandal-Plagued Tucker Carlson's Sudden 'Vacation'

The Fox News host announced a fishing trip after his top writer's racist messages were exposed.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson announced a sudden vacation on Monday amid a new scandal surrounding his show ― and “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah wasn’t buying it. 

Blake Neff, who had been the top writer on Carlson’s show, quit on Friday after it was revealed he had been making racist, sexist and homophobic comments on a message board. At the end of Monday’s show, Carlson said Neff was horrified by the story, but he also called out “the ghouls now beating their chests in triumph at the destruction of a young man.”

Then, Carlson announced that he was leaving for the rest of the week for a “long-planned” fishing vacation. 

Noah said that just didn’t wash. 

“I love how every time Tucker Carlson gets in trouble he takes a ‘planned vacation’ in the middle of the week,” Noah said, then added in a mock voice: “I love starting a vacation midweek because the trout never expect you to show up on a Tuesday.” 

Indeed, Carlson also went on a “planned” fishing trip last year amid calls for him to be fired for saying white supremacy is a “hoax” and “not a real problem in America.”

“If you feel the need to say your trip was ‘long-planned,’ then you know it definitely wasn’t,” Noah said. “This trip was planned as much as anyone plans to shit their pants a little bit when they fart while waiting in line at Whole Foods... hypothetically speaking.” 

Check out more of his takedown below: 

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