Trevor Noah: What If Facebook Was A Physical Place?

Imagine a guy sitting at a bar offering to show you a picture of his kid. It escalates from there.

What would happen if a social media platform turned into a bar? That’s the question Trevor Noah and “The Daily Show” answered Wednesday night.

First, Noah pointed out that Facebook took in nearly $40 billion in advertising revenue last year. The more eyeballs on the ads, the more money Facebook makes. Then he said that Facebook stirs conflict in order to keep eyeballs on its site.

“Basically, the human impulse to get into an argument, never back down, and then die before ever conceding a single point – Facebook figured out how to monetize that,” Noah said.

He added that perhaps users might have figured that out sooner if Facebook was a little less virtual.

Check out the video above to see what a physical Facebook might be like.