Trevor Noah Rips White House 'Bullying' Of Whistleblower Who Has Dwarfism

He called out the “middle school bullies who were put in charge of America's government” and urged security specialist Tricia Newbold to fight back.

News that the Trump administration allegedly bullied White House whistleblower Tricia Newbold after she pointed out its lax attitude toward security didn’t surprise Trevor Noah. But it did tick him off.

Newbold, a White House security specialist, said she and colleagues recommended denying security clearance for dozens of applicants, but White House officials ignored their recommendations.

Newbold, who has dwarfism, said when she raised concerns, one of her superiors retaliated by placing essential files up high, out of her physical reach.

Noah called out the “middle school bullies who were put in charge of America’s government” and urged Newbold to fight back.

“If they’re going to use who she is against her, she’s gotta fight fire with fire,” Noah said. “Maybe she should put Trump’s files somewhere he can’t reach, like his toes.”

Watch all of the commentary above or fast-forward to the 4:25 mark for the bullying portion.