Trevor Noah's Favorite Childhood Toy: A Brick (Yes, A Brick!)

Boys in Soweto would push bricks around in the dirt like they were cars and have demolition derbies, he says.

Trevor Noah, host of “The Daily Show,” told his studio audience Monday that he had a favorite toy when he was growing up in South Africa. It was a brick.

“It sounds crazy,” he admitted.

Growing up in the Soweto township of Johannesburg, Noah and his friends had no money for toys, he said.

“A lot of kids didn’t have toys,” Noah said. “But it wasn’t like a sad thing. We’d play with whatever we’d find. And so the most popular thing little boys would play with was bricks. You’d play with it like a toy car.”

Noah and his friends would walk around their neighborhood looking for stray bricks. Then they would push the bricks around in the dirt, as if they were toy cars. The boys would compete in a sort of brick demolition derby, crashing them into each other. The last brick that didn’t crack or break was the winner.

“Even now, when I see bricks I get happy,” Noah said.

Check out the video above to hear what Noah says was the Rolls-Royce of bricks.