Trevor Noah's Off-Air Comments On Guns Might Make Your Day

The "Daily Show" host summed up why he should offer his opinion as an outsider.

Trevor Noah has plenty to say about the national gun debate ― and it isn’t all scripted.

In a between-the-scenes moment from “The Daily Show” posted online Thursday, Noah took on critics who have questioned whether the foreign-born comedian should be chiming in on gun control. “This is an American conversation,” conservative radio host Larry O’Connor told Fox Business in a clip Noah showed his audience.

The comedian, a South African who criticized many Americans for avoiding the conversation about gun control after the mass shooting in Las Vegas, then offered a thoughtful response.

“People go, ‘Why do you have an opinion about this?’ And I say, ‘I hear what you’re saying but ask yourself this question: Why did nobody say that when Americans were protesting for South Africans to get freedom during apartheid?’ No one asked that question.”

Watch above for laughs sprinkled into some pretty sound reasoning.

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