This Young Boy's Final Wish To Feed Hungry And Homeless Will Humble You Like Nothing Else

This Young Boy's Final Wish Will Humble You Like Nothing Else

An 11-year-old Louisiana boy who passed away from cancer this week made sure to fulfill his one final selfless wish before he died.

After a five-year battle with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare cancer that develops in the soft tissue, Trevor Sims of Baton Rouge died on Wednesday, according to WBRZ. But even as the young kid who loved video games and going to the beach faced a grave fate and severe pain, he spent his waning days helping others.

Trevor’s goal before he died was to raise money and collect food for the Baton Rouge Food Bank to help the homeless and the hungry. So impressed with his altruistic spirit, the organization decided to dedicate a week-long charity event in his name.

The generous kid said he was inspired to help others after his own mom struggled to put food on the table.

“One time, when I was diagnosed, my mom didn’t have any money to get food and we were starving for two or three days in a row. She couldn’t get a job because she had to take care of me,” Trevor told ABC. “I don’t want nobody else to feel that way.”

trevor sims

Trevor’s mission eventually spread to multiple states and parishes.

Altogether, the Trevor’s Wish City-Wide Food Drive collected more than 34,000 pounds of food and $64,000 in monetary donations, according to the organization.

But it wasn’t just the homeless and the hungry that Trevor had on his mind.

Before the charitable boy passed away, he sat down with WBRZ to share his thoughts on how to leave a meaningful mark in this world.

“You can make a difference every day. Just by helping somebody who’s getting bullied or helping somebody cross the street or anything,” he told the news outlet. “All little things count.”

In his short life, Trevor Sims taught on a crucial lesson in how to live. Find out how you can keep his legacy going here.

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