Basketball Star Asks BFF With Down Syndrome To Prom With Cute Taylor Swift-Inspired Message

High school basketball star Trey Moses knows what it’s like to commit to something since he agreed last year to play for Ball State University. He turned the tables though, when he asked his best friend to commit to a different sort of occasion -- prom night.

According to The Courier-Journal, Trey is a senior at Eastern High School in Louisville, Ky., who has worked with students with special needs since sophomore year. One such student is Ellie Meredith, his best friend who he recently asked to prom. Ellie has Down syndrome and also happens to be a huge fan of a certain famous singer.

“She’s in love with Taylor Swift,” Trey said in an email to The Huffington Post. “She talks about her a lot and sings her songs a lot.”

Ellie adores the singer so much that Trey decided to incorporate her hit album “1989” into his promposal. During Ellie’s gym class, the basketball player walked in holding a pink sign that said, “Let’s party like it’s 1989. Prom?” Musical notes and a microphone completed the sign’s designs, and to top it all off, Trey had a bouquet of roses.

The promposal shocked Ellie and left her speechless.

“She started to turn red,” Trey said.

When she recovered from the surprise, Ellie accepted Trey’s promposal. She’ll be joining him and his girlfriend for the big dance on May 16. Trey is looking forward to "just seeing the both of them dressed up and happy.”

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