Trey Parker And Matt Stone House: South Park Creators Show Off Green Home

Trey Parker And Matt Stone House: South Park Creators Show Off Green Home

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have built a massive retreat in Steamboat Springs. Despite the irreverence and contempt for politics and idealism the duo espouses in their show, they seemed to have had the environment in mind when they built their $5 Million mansion.

The creators of "South Park" are showing off their environmentally friendly mansion in western Colorado. The $5 million Steamboat Springs home belonging to Trey Parker and Matt Stone features "green" building techniques.

Ceilings are made of Douglas fir timbers salvaged from a rail trestle that once spanned the Great Salt Lake. The home also uses recycled carpet and in-floor, radiant heating.

Steamboat Today describes the house's East-West fusion:

There are views of Steamboat Ski Area from the front porch; a curved, granite kitchen counter with a leathered finish in shades of evergreen; and a mid-19th-century Japanese tansu, or antique chest of drawers, that faces a 110-inch projection screen. A Western dining room with sweeping views across the south valley is balanced by an Eastern dining room with low chairs and windows that look onto an aspen grove. In the rear of the property, at the end of a winding stone walkway, is a Japanese tea house that appears as authentic as one found in a Tokyo garden, with sliding screens as walls and tatami mats on the floor.

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