Trey Parker & Matt Stone Talk 'Book Of Mormon' On 'The Daily Show' (VIDEO)

Matt Stone and Trey Parker stopped by "The Daily Show" Thursday night to promote their new Broadway musical "The Book Of Mormon" and got a stellar review from Jon Stewart.

Stewart praised the "South Park" guys for satirizing religion while simultaneously celebrating it, even going so far as to say,

"It's so good it makes me f**king angry."

Stone and Parker said they've been working on the musical for about 7 years, but that they've "been doing stuff with Mormons for a long time" and settled on doing a musical about them after meeting Bobby Lopez from Avenue Q (co-writer of "The Book Of Mormon") and hearing he was interested in doing a show about the same religion.

"It was just too weird to meet someone else that's also into Mormons and musicals," Stone joked.

The guys summed up the musical as "a celebration of Mormonism by guys who aren't Mormons," but Stewart still had to ask the obvious question: aren't people going to be offended?

"Every time we make fun of a group on 'South Park' they love it," Stone said somewhat sarcastically.

"Yeah I remember the security," Stewart said, presumably referring to Stone and Parker's controversial attempt at depicting Mohammad on "South Park" in 2010, that was even cited as a possible reason for the attempted car bombing in Times Square.

Watch the full interview below.