Snorkeling Just Got A Major Makeover Thanks To The Tribord Easybreath

There's a beautiful world just waiting to be discovered under the sea. There's just one problem: It's under the sea.

In lieu of the invention of human gills, Tribord, a water sports company based in France, has designed the Easybreath mask, which claims to make it as easy for people to see and breathe underwater as they would on land. And it might just be the coolest development in snorkel tech since the dolphin jet pack.

Judging by the focus group in Tribord's video, it seems the snorkel is the main hurdle in traditional snorkeling. "We naturally disassociate mouth from nose," says Olivier, a diving center manager. "In other words, we breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, so when we put on a mask, we can only breathe through the mouth." The Easybreath mask allows you to breathe more naturally through your nose and mouth, without fogging up the goggle, while giving you a bonus 180-degree field of vision. They also fitted the pipe above the head with a bright stopper that prohibits water from entering when submerged and is noticeable to other swimmers and boaters.


The mask's groundbreaking features were so impressive, it won first place at the 2014 Oxylane Innovation Awards.

Though undoubtedly cool, objective reviews are still hard to come by. The masks will hit Decathlon stores in Europe by the end of May, but according to its Twitter account, Tribord doesn't have the capacity yet to ship worldwide.

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