What Your Trick-Or-Treat Handout Says About You

Please don't tell us you give out raisins.

With Halloween upon us, it's time to celebrate all the things we love about the holiday -- miniature candy, jack-o-lanterns, creepy Halloween-inspired desserts -- and bemoan all the things that we hate, namely slutty costumes and candy corn. Whether you're a kid or grown-up, one universal aspect of Halloween that everyone can probably get behind is trick-or-treating. For kids, the draw is obvious: FREE CANDY. For adults, trick-or-treating is a way to relive the magic, whether you're handing out treats at the door or walking around with kids of your own.

What's not to love about trick-or-treating? We'll tell you what: apples. And raisins. If you ever got an apple or a measly box of raisins while trick-or-treating, you've never forgotten. It was the single most disappointing moment of your childhood. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but it was certainly the biggest letdown of your night. What kind of person would do that? We're all for healthy eating, but Halloween is the one night where we want to throw away our good intentions and stuff our faces with as much fun-sized candy as possible. Giving away regular-sized candy? Even better.

You can tell a lot about a person by the treat he or she gives out to trick-or-treaters. Here's what your halloween handout says about you:

You're a ton of fun. Everyone likes hanging out with you because you're lively, talkative and outgoing. You can talk to anyone because you're open, light-hearted and relate well to all sorts of people.
Three Musketeers
We hate to say it, but you're pretty boring. You're stuck in your ways and don't want to challenge yourself to experience new things. There's a lot of world out there, though. You're missing out.
Creative Crop via Getty Images
You're a health nut who prioritizes your diet above everything else. If you go out to eat, which is rare because most restaurants can't accommodate all of your dietary restrictions, you drive the people at your table crazy with your endless questions and specifications. It's time to let loose and live a little, or at least stop inflicting your rigid lifestyle on other people.
You're kind of an enigma... sort of difficult to get a handle on. Your mysterious allure attracts people, but even when they start to get to know you better, you're still tough to break through. It's good you don't wear everything on your sleeve -- you don't have to!
You're mean.
You're the life of the party. Everyone wants to hang out with you because you are quite simply, a ton of fun. Hilarious and charismatic, you are endlessly entertaining and nice to everyone. You're an all around solid human being.
nalinratphi via Getty Images
You try a little too hard to be friendly, and unfortunately come off as a little creepy. You have good intentions, but you don't need to be quite so touchy-feely.
You're friendly and easy-going. You like to please people, maybe even to a fault. Remember that you don't always have to put other people first.
You're an angel.
⥠Rainbowcatz â¥/Flickr
You're creative and thoughtful and very sensitive. You're a good friend and very loyal to the ones you love. Most people dig you, but others aren't quite sure what to make of your eccentricities. You don't mind.
Kit Kats
You're a man or lady of leisure. You're really good finagling your way into doing as little work as possible, and you're an excellent couch potato. You could do nothing all day every day and never tire of it. What can you say? You just like to chill.
Candy Corn
You're a monster!!!
You're very wise and diplomatic. You're a great listener and very thoughtful, and in turn give golden advice. Everyone comes to you with their problems, and you're very patient and giving in return.
You're really polarizing. People either love you or hate you, and frankly, you don't pay attention either way. You don't care what other people think of you and are perfectly happy marching to the beat of your own drummer. March on.

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