'Trick Shot' Toddler Titus Plays Basketball Like A Pro In YouTube Short (VIDEO)

A tiny tot named Titus is wowing the Internet with his mind-blowing basketball skills.

In this YouTube short, uploaded over the weekend and entitled "Unbelievable Little Kid Does a Trick Shot," watch in amazement as Titus -- said to be "between 18 and 24 months old" in the video -- scores basket after basket with aplomb.

"He began shooting baskets shortly after learning to walk, we started filming some, and then got totally carried away," wrote Titus' dad, Joseph Ashby, in the video description. "This is the trick shot video that makes other trick shot videos look like a bunch of old guys who should have something better to do -- like retire, turn up their pacemakers, or join an assisted living facility."

Ashby, who is a conservative radio talk show host in Kansas, said on Facebook that Titus, his youngest child, is poised for viral success.

"ESPN, Good Morning America, Today Show, Anderson Cooper. All want permission to use the video or to have us on their show," he told his followers on Tuesday afternoon.

Already, netizens are speculating over Titus' future in basketball.

"Lebron why are you dressed as a f***ing baby," wrote YouTube user "iBonesaw."

"He is going to the NBA really hope he doesn't give up go little man you will make it," said "ganga922," another YouTube fan. 

Titus may be one of the youngest basketball superstars to light up the Interwebs, but he's not the first child to be recognized for his mad skills. In 2010, 12-year-old Jordan McCabe stunned the country with his effortless basketball ability. A year later, Sammamish Review reported that McCabe had been drafted to the Harlem Globetrotters.

Last year, 9-year-old Mike Miles was dubbed a "point-guard prodigy" after his basketball-playing prowess made headlines across the country. "He's a stud," Drew Scott, one of the 4th grader's teammates, told Fox News. "He's the quickest person I know. He can shoot the ball. He can dribble. He can play defense. He's amazing."

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