The Simple Trick To Getting Picture-Perfect Grill Marks On Your Steak

The Simple Trick To Getting Picture-Perfect Grill Marks

Are y'all ready to up your grilling game? Like, really up the game? We're thinking picture-perfect steaks every single time. Those criss-cross grill marks that always make their way onto TV commercials are not just a result of the theatrics that go into filming. Nope, those beautiful marks that promise the flavor of a good char are all about knowing the simple art of grill rotation.

This is how it's done:

grilling steak

Say it with us know: mark, rotate and flip. So simple, right? Now you never have to eat another home-grilled steak without perfect char marks again thanks to the fine folks at Fix who put together this all-too-important information for us meat eaters of the world. This summer's grillouts are going to be superb.

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