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Tricky Trendy Items

We all want to lead a stylish life and look elegant without going bankrupt.
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With trends evolving in such a quick pace, it's not easy to follow up all the time. We might feel "passé" when failing to catch up with them. I have news for you. Trends as their name indicate, are ephemeral. Very few persist and make it through another season. I know women who stress out, if they miss out on the latest trends and are not a part of the fashionistas gang who are carrying them and heavily "instagraming"them.

We all want to lead a stylish life and look elegant without going bankrupt!

When we find outrageous prices for certain items, that cost a lot more than we should be spending, how should we behave? What is the right attitude? When do you know if this piece has to be in your closet or no?

The secret is in controlling our impulses and imposing a budget per month for our sartorial spending. Easier said than done... but it's worth trying and I promise you'll feel less stressed out and frustrated.

Remember trends come and go, style is eternal!

Few trendy pieces are enough to modernize and actualize your wardrobe. Integrating these items and incorporating them to your actual outfits will create your own personal style and give a cool touch to your look.

For every five fast fashion purchases buy one investment piece. It's so easy to be tempted to buy everything you see in fast-fashion retailers stores, but you will end up having a wardrobe full of clothes you will get bored of, and most probably these pieces won't look good after a few washes. So spending almost the same amount on one piece in elevated stores instead of on a few pieces in more affordable ones, is absolutely the right thing to do.

When shopping for trendy items, always keep in mind you can live without them. Buy only pieces that work with your personal style and not because it's trendy! Try to do a quick mental exercise: How would I wear this piece? With what will I team it? Do I have the items that go with it to complete the look?

And if it really works on you, why don't you adopt it whether it's still trendy or not.

Now for statement pieces, most likely you might be splurging on them. For that reason, before getting excited about them, think in how many ways you can wear them. If you can only wear an item one way, it's not worth buying.

Versatility is a key word in styling. The more outfits ideas you can come up with, the more you'll be happy with your purchase and won't regret it.

I always recommend adding a third piece to your outfit to give it this je-ne-sais-quoi that makes an outfit stylish and not just bland. The third piece could be a biker jacket worn over a skinny denim and a tee or simply a scarf.

This third item has to elevate the look and be a signature staple in your style. Invest in it as it'll be a recurrent one in your various looks.

When in doubt, it's much easier to rely on your basics rather than on all these trendy pieces. Basics can be repeated as much as you want as long as their shape holds properly, their color is still fresh. Being creative and stylish is not about amassing every trendy piece that is likely to pop up every few weeks; it is simply about appropriating these pieces and incorporating them in your looks subtly, stylishly.