Trip to Colombia Won't Be My Last

Trip to Colombia Won't Be My Last
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Looking for an adventure full of life and great food, I chose Colombia. It was perfect because it had nature and city life, which is exactly what I was looking for.

Landed in Cartagena, and showed up to a boutique hotel, Casa San Agustin. So beautiful, with high quality food, a pool, sun deck, and very friendly staff. I fell in love with the fresh pastries, including pandebono. A couple days in Cartagena, with great bites at Carmen, Don Juan, and El Boliche Cebicheria — and great drinks at Alquimico and El Baron — it was fun to get lost in the streets. Then was ready to move on to chill-out mode.

Took a 30 minute boat ride to a small island to stay at Blue Apple Beach House, a bohemian oasis. Party here for the day, or stay the night. Great food, warm water to swim in, hammocks to read it, and a beautiful beach to meditate on. Food and drink was great, and the vibe was chill and cool.

Amakuna had great bespoke adventure suggestions throughout Colombia, so a big thank you to Amakuna, who connected me to an array of fascinating individuals during my time in Colombia. They recommended we move on to Medellin from Cartagena, so we did. Mountains and green surrounding the whole city looks very different than Cartagena. Stayed at a cool boutique hotel, Patio Del Mundo. Felt like a jungle bed & breakfast, very comfortable and beautifully designed. With only a couple days in Medellin, I ate my way through Medellin at some special places, OSEA and OCI.mde.

It’s healthy to get away, have adventures and return rested. Colombia was an awesome trip, and I’ll be back soon.

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