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Tripe Recipe, Abruzzo Style

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Tripe Recipe

Tripe Recipe.Have you heard of tripe and don't know how to cook it? Not sure whether you will love it or hate it? Savour the flavours of tender tripe cooked with fresh aromas and finely chopped tomatoes....This recipe has been prepared with my Mamma as no one cooks it quite like her! It is purely scrumptious and I just know you will love it!

Watch video recipe:

½ carrot (chopped)
¼ onion (chopped)
200g guanciale (pig cheek)
1.2kg honeycomb tripe
3 x bay leaves
800g finely chopped tomatoes
White wine
Fine salt
Extra virgin olive oil (evoo)
2 x small super hot chilli's (only if you like it hot!)

2 x medium size pots
Chopping board
Wooden spoon

To Prepare the Tripe:
Place the tripe in a pot full of boiling water. Mix this with the bay leaves, oregano, onion and carrots and let the aromas infuse for at least 20 minutes (the time is tales will depend how tough it is to begin with). Let it cool and then cut it into small strips.

1. Heat up the evoo in a medium size pot and add the chopped carrots and onion.
2. Once they begin to become golden in colour, add the guanciale and sprinkle some salt over the top.
3. Cook the guanciale until the fat melts away and it begins to brown.
4. Add the strips of tripe to the pot, along with a small glass of wine and mix it together well using a wooden spoon.

5. Sprinklea generous amount of fine salt on the tripe and mix it once again.
6. Cook it for around 20 minutes, stirring occasionally and then add the finely chopped tomatoes, bay leaves, oregano, cracked pepper and celery leaves.
7. If you like an extra kick, add a couple of small, whole chilli' mum loves it extra hot so I used 2 from my father-in-laws garden.

How to Serve:
Scoop up a generous amount while it's nice and hot in a medium sized white bowl and serve it up with some fresh, crusty Italian sourdough.

It's like nothing you have ever tasted!

E ora si mangia, Vincenzo's Plate...Enjoy!

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