Announces the World's Most Underrated Destinations Announces the World's Most Underrated Destinations
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Although it seems counterintuitive, the only thing that can be more annoying than discovering a destination is overloaded with tourists, is discovering a destination that should be but isn't. While it's great that this means you'll have the place all to yourself, half the fun of travel is being able to share special places, so with that in mind the members of travel website, have put together their list of completely underrated places. Whether cities or whole countries, here are the destinations Trippy members feel could use a little more credit.

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"Yes, even in the winter. Great food, TAX-FREE clothes, amazing music scene & so much to do outside." from Trippy member Molly Mogren Katt of Minneapolis, Minnesota


"The Kvarner region of Croatia is also missed from most itineraries, as most visitors focus only on the Dalmatian coast. With wonderful local white wines from Krk, and close proximity to the culinary delights of Istria, Kvarner should definitely not be overlooked." from Trippy member Brett Domue of Eindhoven


"Lake Garda, Italy. Its such a beautiful region and I hardly ever come across write ups about it." from Trippy member Michelle Geaney


"Most people go to Bali for beaches, yoga, surfing, etc., but Java is full of interesting cultural, historical, and natural attractions. Places like Krakatoa (the source of the biggest volcanic eruption and the loudest sound in recorded history; offshore, but close enough)." from Trippy member Neville Mehra of Bangkok, Thailand


"Although Uruguay is not the cheapest nor the most exciting in terms of nightlife or cuisine, it was a surprisingly hospitable country. We lived in Montevideo for 4 months. Driving around this smaller country is easy and safe. Make sure you check out swanky Punta del Este, the Rocha Coast and, of course, the quaint colonial city of Colonia, directly across the Plata (river) from Buenos Aires. Seasons are temperate, so trips can be planned 12 months of the year. It's natural beauty will astound you!" from Trippy member Rachelle Stout


"Mongolia is a really cool place to visit also and worth a visit in and of itself with great deserts and unreal scenery. More than just a stop on the Trans-Siberian." from Trippy member Lee Abbamonte of New York, New York

"Jordan is also a place that people don't know about because they think the Middle East is unsafe, but Jordan is safe, friendly, beautiful and has amazing sights. Not just the famous Petra, but also Wadi Rum, Madaba, Jerash, the Dead Sea, castles, and other places." from Trippy member Wm Leler of Mountain View, California

8. Malawi


" . . . Malawi for its subtle beauty - in people, culture, wildlife and scenery. I had the opportunity to serve lunch at a school in Blantyre and I'd particularly recommend a visit to Lake Malawi, to see the baobab "forests", and Mvuu Camp where hippopotamuses are as common as squirrels and you might find an elephant standing right outside your door in the morning!" from Trippy member Nathaniel Boyle of Boston, Massachusetts

2015-12-14-1450061096-476553-ChurbyBartoszMakaraviaFlickr.jpgPhoto credit blumblaum via Flickr

"I'd vote for Chur -- the oldest city in Switzerland, out in the eastern canton of Graubunden. It's a bit out of the way, in the Alps, but lovely and full of quaint hotels, restaurants and shops, with a great little museum of the local history, in the Romansch-speaking region (although everyone speaks German). Europeans consider Chur quite the shopping Mecca. No one else goes there." from Trippy member Peter Dorfman of Bloomington, Indiana

10. Cyprus


"Cyprus. Fantastic climate for most of the year, lots of history in the capital Nicosia, sociable locals and you can even ski in the mountains normally in January/February." from Trippy member Danny Smith of London, United Kingdom

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