New 'Tripr' App Makes Your Friends For You, Ahead Of Time

Instead of taking chances that you'll meet some good-looking backpacker at the next hostel or run into a gaggle of handsome travelers on a Parisian street, why not just "book them" ahead for your next vacation? New travel app Tripr can (and will) make that happen.

The app's mantra is that you should plan your trip around people, specifically people "who will be in the same place, at the same time" as you.

That means if you're going to a new part of the country, taking a trip across the globe or going to a fun festival, you can have friends waiting for you on arrival.


To do this, Tripr connects travelers through Facebook. Just type in your planned destination, and you'll be connected with other people through a Tinder-like profile. Swipe yes to express interest in meeting them when you arrive, and hope that your new friend does the same. If they do, you can "chat" each other and let the sparks fly.

Nicholas Green, the app's chief executive, says Tripr is helpful because it lets travelers meet their fellow visitors ahead of time, instead of waiting till they arrive in a new place. "Our users are connected in terms of where they will be rather than in terms of where they currently are," Green told The New York Times.

So the next time you're headed anywhere (or just want to make friends with tourists), check out Tripr, available now in the App Store. The Android version will launch December 21.

Until then, we guess we'll just have to settle for making trip friends the old-fashioned way. Sigh.

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