Trista Sutter On Juan Pablo: 'I Loved Him All The Way Through'

Between his embarrassing gay rant and his bizarre finale without a proposal, Juan Pablo's run on "The Bachelor" was anything but conventional. Host Chris Harrison even expressed regret over not being able to "help him" during the filming of his controversial season. But there's one person for whom Juan Pablo could do no wrong: the first 'Bachelorette' Trista Sutter.

"I loved him all the way through," she affirmed in a HuffPost Live interview Thursday. "I think it was his accent especially that really drew me in."

Sutter's been somewhat beloved by the "Bachelor" faithful since being rejected in the finale of the show's first season, only to go on and find love with current husband Ryan as "The Bachelorette" in 2003. She hopes Juan Pablo, who's already headed to VH1's series "Couples Therapy" with Nikki Ferrel -- the woman he selected, but didn't propose to -- will have a similarly successful future together.

"You know, I could say some things about how I was feeling in the final episode, but honestly, I just want them to be happy," Sutter said. "The end has happened. I just want to focus on the positive and wish them well. I really truly hope they end up where we are."

Watch Trista and Ryan Sutter's full HuffPost Live conversation below:



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