Triumph The Insult Comic Dog At Bonnaroo: Beastie Boys, Hippies, And Naked Max Weinberg (VIDEO)

Robert Smigel, the comedian behind Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, visited Bonaroo this year, a Tennessee music festival that boasts over a hundred bands. In his first report for Conan since he took over the "Tonight Show," Triumph interviewed "pungent hippies" and musicians alike, telling the band TV on the Radio that their music is crap.

Triumph looked for Black Eyed Peas songs in the compost bin, announced to a giant press conference that Max Weinberg (Conan's bandleader) has sex with dogs, and told everyone he met that they sucked for one reason or another.

When Triumph got to interview the Beastie Boys he asked them if they could look anymore like old Jews: "You're like a living the Pep Boys logo...You've gone from check your head to check your prostate."


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