Triumphant Trump: Hail to the King!

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures during the first Republican presidential debate at the Quicken Loans
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures during the first Republican presidential debate at the Quicken Loans Arena Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Yesterday I wrote about the sad seven members of the high school debate club who were relegated to a nearly empty auditorium for the a 5 PM performance.

After the kids went to bed, it was Donald Trump's night in the big room. A friend of mine accurately described Trump as "negatively compelling." He was exactly where he wanted to be, the center of the stage and the center of attention. And he stole the show. Let's be honest-- can anyone remember much of what anyone else said?

The bravado-filled boy gave his audience their money's worth with his "I've got to be me" and "Take no prisoners" messages. And he delivered the highest debate ratings in history-- 24 million viewers.

Even I can admire Trump's brashness and bluntness, and his performing without the benefit of political consultants. It isn't how he says it that is troubling to me-- it's what he says.

While they can battle Trump, no GOP presidential candidate has dared to challenge his supporters. They want to recruit them, not alienate them. Only Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has called Trump minions "crazies," a luxury reserved for someone not running for president. And that comment will come back to haunt McCain in his bid for a sixth senate term in 2016.

I'm not running for anything, so I am at liberty to take a closer look at Trump's supporters. They believe what they want and ignore all else-- see no evil, hear no evil, and say no evil.

I have a faulty denial system, and prefer reality in politics and illusions in magic tricks. I am willing to proclaim that the Emperor has no clothes. Let's do some fact checking and separate truth from fiction. But please don't take my word for it; play the videos or click on the red links below to verify the facts for yourself.

Trump is a loyal Republican.
Facts: He refuses to commit to supporting any other GOP nominee or to acknowledge that he won't run as an independent-- even though that would likely cost the GOP the White House. If he's Republican, he has a funny way of showing it.

Trump is a conservative.
Facts: He has been pro-choice, and supported Hillary, higher taxes, and universal health coverage.

Trump leads in the polls.
Facts: Yes, at 20% he leads the other 16 candidates, but their combined totals are at 68%, and another 12% are undecided. And polls show him with the highest negative ratings and losing to every potential Democrat. So, while many say "Hail to the King," it is unlikely anyone will sing "Hail to the Chief" to Trump.

Trump alleged that John McCain was not a war hero.
Facts: Trump said that the only reason McCain is called a war hero is because he was captured, and added "I like people who weren't captured." Trump was never captured. He never served. Trump sought and received multiple student draft deferments and a convenient medical deferment. Click here to compare what Trump reportedly was doing when McCain was a POW.

Trump opposes foreign made goods, including those made in China.

Facts: His brand of shirts and ties were made in China and in Bangladesh.

Trump battles against "illegal" immigration.
Facts: The Washington Post reports undocumented workers on a recent Trump construction site.

Trump called Mexicans coming across the border criminals and rapists adding "And some, I assume, are good people. I assume."
Facts: Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch, one of the most conservative people in America, has tweeted "Mexican immigrants, as with all immigrants, have much lower crime rate than native born. EG El Paso as one of the safest cities. Trump wrong."

Trump says his vast wealth totals $10 billion dollars.
Facts: Forbes says his claims of wealth are half-vast, $4 billion.

Trump claims he's a good person and businessman.
Facts: The documentary film "Trump the Movie" make the case that "It ain't necessarily so." You can watch here for free. It might be worth investing 1:22 hours in viewing it before voting for Trump as the leader of the free world. I'm just saying . . .

"Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence."-- John Adams