TRL Reboot: Is Recording Artist Arita The New Host?

TRL is back. Or it will be come October, according to MTV President Chris McCarthy.

“Total Request Live”, the show popularly known as "TRL" to its fans, was on the air from 1998 to 2008. It played the most requested music videos and is known for launching the careers of numerous pop idols that became famous in the period.

This time around the company is emphasizing on the inclusion of fresh faces with creative backgrounds. They are said to be looking for someone to excite music fans while possessing an appeal suitable for a lively host. There are several speculations of who the new host and personalities are in the running; one of the names floating around is model turned Caribbean recording artist Arita.

Arita has secured accolades for her years in performing roles, from walking countless runway shows to being an ambassador for several established brands and its said she is comfortable with putting herself out there. She started singing as a child, but only in recent years turned her professional focus to music. While working closely with her manager and primary songwriter Mr. Frederick A. Morton Jr., she has put out several singles and is indeed a qualified candidate for the TRL reboot particularly given her position as an advocate for the arts.

The inclusion of a global appeal at the network is a big step considering the significant influence of Caribbean beats and vibes in some of today’s popular music. “TRL” will also integrate exclusive digital content across several social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and

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