Trojan's 'Charged Sex Life' Survey Reveals What Turns African Americans On (INFOGRAPHIC)

Sex sells, and with African-Americans' $1 trillion worth of buying power, it seems as though Trojan brand is readying itself to cash in. The company released its annual "sex census" this week, a survey of more than 3,000 Americans that asked how satisfying they feel their sex life is.

The results show that although Americans are more fun, fearless and adventurous than ever before, 50 percent believe their sex life could use a jump start. Among African-American men, 58 percent agree, while 50 percent of black women say they could use a recharge.

To do it, Trojan says African Americans are partial to spontaneous sex (49 percent), having sex in a different place (39 percent) and talking dirty to a partner (37 percent). 70 percent are even open to introducing a vibrator every now and then.

Among other findings in the annual report, African-American men fessed up to thinking about sex as much as 17 times a day compared to the mere five times women said.

Due to differences in the sampling pool and methodology of the surveys they conducted, comparative data isn't available Trojan says. But a 2010 survey by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) was able to account for sexual activity in the hours immediately before bed.

According to the NSF report, Blacks and Hispanics (10 percent each) were more likely to report having sex every night or almost every night in the hour before bed, compared to just four percent of whites.

Trojan's Sex Census is based on two studies conducted in May, including a national sample of 1,000 10-minute surveys and a 2,000-person sample from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, San Francisco, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Washington D.C., Atlanta, and Houston.

Of those cities, Atlanta proved to be the most sexually "charged." Check out more of the survey findings below.




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