The 'Trolololo' Guy Returns In Completely Ridiculous Live Show (VIDEO)

You probably know Eduard Khil, or "The Trolololo Guy" from his previous work held in high regard by the online community. Is he the greatest lyricist of our time? No, but he's up there. From the highest "tros" to the lowest "los," his lyrical genius lies in its simplicity.

Now, Eduard is back in another sure-to-go-viral hit. This time (from what we can understand) he's appearing on an incredibly ridiculous live show in Russia hosted by a bald man and a puppet. He lip-syncs (bummer) his way through the classic diddy with some help from the craziest backup dancers we have ever seen, including Darth Vader and a gorilla. It honestly looks like something Tim & Eric would have directed, so it's obvious that "Trolololo guy" understands what the Internet likes and decided to give the people what they want. (Via Urlesque)

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