Trongs: The Chicken Wings Holders For Cleaner Eating (PHOTO)

Never worry about getting buffalo sauce on your hands again.

If you hate eating food with your hands, or if the mess of chicken wings stops you from eating your favorite bar food, it's time to rejoice because Trongs are just the solution you were looking for. Trongs are little plastic claws you operate with your thumb, pointer and middle finger that grip food for you. (All those afternoons perfecting the cootie catcher finally comes in handy.)

Essentially, Trongs let you eat with your hands without actually having to eat with your hands. According to the website, you can use these plastic claws for more than just chicken wings. They're good for eating ribs and handling raw chicken too.

The company also explains how they hope Trongs will help achieve world piece:

Perhaps Trongs will eliminate a critical source of frustration, thereby generating a powerful wave of happiness and harmony that spreads throughout the known universe and beyond.

We don't know about you, but that sure seems like a lofty goal for a little piece of plastic.

While some of us actually like (or at least don't mind) eating with our hands, for the picky eaters out there, nothing now stands between you and your chicken wings.

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