Troopers Save The Day With Pizza After Travelers Get Stranded At New Jersey Airport

Two New Jersey state troopers have been praised for going above and beyond the call of duty -- with the help of a few pizza pies.

On Sunday night, travelers were reportedly stuck inside a New Jersey airport after a Spirit Airlines flight was canceled due to bad weather.

“This left a hundred plus customers stranded in a closed airport where no food or transportation was available,” Samantha Metallo wrote on Facebook Thursday, adding that the airline only offered the passengers cookies to sate their hunger.

Then, two state troopers stepped up to lend a hand.

The troopers, Mark Adotta and Joe Mercurio, “ordered and paid for 15 pizzas” out their own pockets to feed the stranded travelers, Metallo said.

Metallo posted a still from surveillance footage showing the troopers with the pies.

Pictured here: Trooper I Mark Adotta (#6620) and Trooper Joe Mercurio (7132).It's been a tough week for the NJSP...

Posted by Samantha N Steve Baugh on Thursday, June 4, 2015

“It's selfless actions like this that should be shared and praised,” Metallo wrote.

It’s unclear how Metallo got access to the surveillance footage, or how she was involved in the encounter. However, New Jersey State Trooper Fraternal Association president Chris Burgos confirmed to NBC News that her Facebook post was accurate.

“[I’m] very proud of what they did; it's what we do every day,” Burgos told the news outlet.

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