Twitter Users Weather The Storm With Jokes About Tropical Depression Karen

"Karen" has been the internet’s "stock female antagonist” for the last three years so the jokes rained down hard.

A tropical depression has inspired a Twitter storm of jokes.

Its name is “Karen,” and, until Friday, was a tropical storm in the Atlantic Ocean.

Although tropical storms and depressions aren’t typically considered hilarious, Twitter users responded to Karen with waves of jokes and memes.

It’s a perfect storm for the Internet because, according to Wired, ”‘Karen’ has been the internet’s stock female antagonist” for the last three years or so.

The outlet describes the stereotypical Karen as a “righteously annoyed middle-aged white woman who loves coupons, reverse mullet bobs, and, above all else, speaking to the manager.”

As a tropical storm, Karen was already the subject of some joking, but the decision to downgrade it to a tropical depression inspired some Category 5 hilarity:

Some people were more sympathetic to Karen’s plight than others, finding the tropical depression downright relatable after journalist Joel Franco tweeted that Karen “could fall apart ‘at any time’ and was “not expected to get very far.”