8 Tropical Escapes That Don't Require A Passport

Paradise is a lot closer than you think.

Sure, epic adventures abound in Southeast Asia, and the Mediterranean boasts some unbelievable blue beaches, but an escape to paradise doesn't have to be so far away.

There's a lush lineup of tropical islands that don't require a passport to visit. The Aloha State, for example, is a perfect weeklong getaway if you live near the West Coast. It's home to some of the most breathtaking hikes you'll ever trek. Or you can retreat even further into the Pacific to American Samoa or the Mariana Islands, where you'll be greeted by swaying palms and beaches with the softest sand.

East Coasters seeking tropical bliss can head south to the Florida Keys or hop a plane to Puerto Rico, where barefoot bars and all-inclusive resorts await. Bonus: The U.S. Virgin Islands are a short ride east of Puerto Rico, so you can feel further away from home with minimal travel.

For a full list of locales you can travel to without a U.S. passport, check out the infographic from DealsPlus below.

Wailua Falls

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