Troubled For-Profit College Chain Abruptly Sells Campus, Blindsides Students

Students at Broadview University in Orem, Utah were recently informed that the school is selling their building and their campus will close at the end of the semester. The students were told they could transfer to another Broadview University campus or finish taking classes online.

At first, Broadview officials refused to address students wanting their questions answered about the abrupt decision to close their school, their options, and what would happen to their teachers.  This caused students at the Orem campus to rally together and create a petition on and contact local media. They recently told the local news that the school is not living up to promises to students and leaving them without any reasonable options.

Only after this, did school officials meet with students, telling them that the school would lease space for students after the campus closed. However, according to students, school executives refuse to say for how long this will be the case, which has caused students to rally around another petition, which demands an answer or a refund of their tuition dollars.

Broadview University has campuses in Utah and Idaho and is part of the Globe Education Network (GEN)--a family managed chain of about 30 over-priced for-profit colleges, many of which leave students deep in debt and without a degree. The bulk of these schools operate under the name Globe University and Minnesota School of Business.

Both schools have been accused by many (myself included) of focusing on profit at the expense of the students they claim to serve. Both schools are also currently being sued by the Minnesota Attorney General for deceiving students, consumer fraud, and issuing illegal and usurious loans to students. They are also being sued by former students, and were recently forced to pay former school dean, Heidi Weber, nearly $400,000 after she was fired for blowing the whistle on illegal and unethical behavior at the schools. Additionally, both schools were also suspended from receiving educational funding through the Department of Defense.

Not surprisingly, both schools have also been accused of abruptly notifying students that their program or campus will cease to exist (example 1, example 2). 

Think Broadview University should hold up their end of the bargain? Then support these students and sign their petition now!

This also appeared at The Politicus and GenYize.