How Bad It Can Get When A Couple Says Their Relationship Is Abusive

Melinda claims her husband of 18 months, Anthony, is controlling and uses drugs, and she says that she worries for the safety of their 15-month-old daughter. “My husband, Anthony, is abusive, full of drama and out of control, and it’s making my life miserable,” says the 25-year-old. “When Anthony gets mad, he is like the Hulk. He has given me multiple black eyes, stood on top of my chest, jumped on me.”

Anthony admits he has been physical with Melinda but says her anger is out of control, and claims she has physically attacked him as well. “Melinda has hit me, she’s kicked me in the testicles, she’s bitten me several times,” he says. “Melinda’s anger is so out of control that she’ll start actually hurting herself.”

After a recent explosive fight, Melinda, who is currently five months pregnant, took their daughter, moved six hours away and filed for divorce. “Anthony’s constant abuse has brought me to my breaking point,” she says. “Anthony is to a point where there’s absolutely no stopping him.”

Watch the video above to hear their story and see a recent fight they had, which Anthony recorded. And, on Monday’s show, Dr. Phil tells this couple his thoughts about whether their marriage can — or should — be saved.

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