Troubling the Water

Between the corporate media circus coverage of the US presidential elections and the "security" arrangements in store for any prospective DNC and RNC protesters, it struck me that there is very little room for anything between spectacle and surveillance these days. Fortunately not everyone is taking this lying down.

Today's launch of the film Trouble the Water directed and produced by Tia Lessin and Carl Deal and executive produced by the company I co-founded, Louverture Films, opens up a meaningful space to examine critical and pressing issues that have remained unaddressed and unresolved since the Katrina disaster three years ago to this Sunday.

When that storm hit, it revealed what the media had not -- the disaster within the disaster: the poverty of a mindset that narrowly views security as a military issue; a mindset that is blind to the role of culture in sustaining the mental health and social wellness of people (which is also the basis for economic productivity); blind to the role of culture in education, through which we are prepared for our responsibilities in a democracy; and hostile to the role of culture in the search for truth.

Trouble the Water is a masterful and moving catalyst for challenging the cataclysmic failure of imagination that the Bush II and previous Clinton and Bush regimes offered us. It is a necessary film for a necessary change. See it. You will be moved

Trouble the Water opens today at the IFC New York, Sunset 5 Los Angeles and Edwards Westpark Irvine and will be followed by a national release.

Watch the trailer here: