Troy Davis Street Art By Mentalgassi and Amnesty International (VIDEO)

WATCH: Troy Davis Inspires Poignant Art Piece

Following the controversial execution of Troy Davis, a 2010 art piece that depicted Davis as an inmate has gained new meaning. The piece is a collaboration between anonymous German street art collective Mentalgassi and Amnesty International. The project, titled 'Making The Invisible Visible,' is a series of installations across central London completed with the help of british design duo, Brother and Sisters. The project uses lenticular fence posters at three different sites to illustrate the often inhumane public perception of inmates.

Troy Davis' portrait adorns different fences around the city, but only from certain angles are the portraits visible. The portraits are only visible to those who are approaching the fence from farther away. As you walk closer to the fence, the portrait becomes obscured until finally, it is invisible to those standing right in front of it. When passerby approach the portrait and realize it has disappeared, they are greeted with a link from Amnesty International that will take them to a petition for the now-deceased Davis. View the video for the project below and see more here.

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