Troy Flutie Comeback: Doug Flutie's Nephew Leads Natick High School On A Remarkable Comeback (VIDEO)

He did it! He did it! Flutie did it!

We're talking about Troy Flutie, of course.

Troy, the nephew of legendary Heisman-winning quarterback Doug, used a little of that familial magic to engineer a 21-point, fourth-quarter outburst to lead Natick High School, the alma mater of his famous uncle, to a wild 49-24 victory over No. 16 Needham. Natick trailed Needham, 24-21, in the second half before the young quarterback rallied the team for the big win.

Flutie racked up three total touchdowns in the game, along with 108 yards rushing and 167 yards through the air on 11-14 passing. Also starring for Natick was freshman running back Brian Dunlap, who finished off three scoring drives with touchdowns.

"Our O-line did their jobs, and all our guys knew what they were doing," Flutie told the Boston Globe. "All I had to do was tell them what to do and they did it."


The performance was impressive, but Boston College fans will have to wait on their possible quarterback of the future -- Flutie is only a sophomore.

Troy's football talents aren't only attributable to his uncle. His father, Darren, played in the CFL was named one of the Top 50 Canadian Football League players of all-time by TSN.

While Troy's performance was no last-second Hail Mary to beat a nationally ranked Miami team, it's not bad for a 15-year-old.