Troye Sivan And Ariana Grande Go Old School For 'Dance To This' Video

The new clip features the pop stars showing off slick moves to a less-than-enthusiastic crowd.

Troye Sivan continued the run-up to his hotly anticipated sophomore album, “Bloom,” by dropping the video to “Dance to This,” his new single featuring Ariana Grande.  

Released Thursday, the video opens with Sivan stopping by what appears to be a small-town community center. Before removing his oversized trench coat, he hands a homemade CD (remember those?) to a sleepy-looking man with a boombox and grabs a microphone for an impromptu performance.

By the second verse, Grande joins Sivan, and together, the stars show off some slick dance moves as each member of their reluctant audience storms out. 

In February, Sivan confirmed reports that he and Grande had recorded a song together.

“She’s really fun,” Sivan said in a BBC Radio 1 interview that same month. “My favorite thing is not telling people who it is, and then starting to play the song and as soon as she starts to sing, everyone’s like, ‘Are you serious?’ Her voice is nuts.”

In June, Sivan told E! News that the song “is about that moment when you feel like you’ve been to enough house parties or events, and staying home and like, making out in the kitchen and cooking dinner sounds like a much, much better alternative.” 

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The Aussie-born pop star, 23, is gearing up for a busy fall. He’ll follow up the Aug. 31 release of “Bloom” by embarking on a North American tour, with stops in Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Toronto, among other cities.

Grande, meanwhile, is riding high on the success of her new single, “God Is a Woman.” Released last week, the video boasts a spoken monologue by none other than Madonna.

Her album, “Sweetener,” drops Aug. 17.