Troye Sivan's New Single 'Bloom' Could Very Well Be About Gay Sex

Fans aren't convinced the song is truly "about flowers," as he's coyly claimed.

Troye Sivan whetted fans’ appetites for his hotly anticipated sophomore album this week by dropping a sexy new single laden with double entendres.

Sivan released the lyric video for “Bloom” ― the follow-up to “My My My!” and “The Good Side” ― late Wednesday. While the openly gay singer-songwriter has never been shy about embracing his sexuality in videos and live performances, “Bloom” goes a step further, in that the lyrics can be interpreted as a thinly disguised ode to losing your virginity to a loved one.

“Take a trip into my garden, I’ve got so much to show ya,” Sivan sings on the track, produced by Oscar Holter, which can be viewed above. “The fountains and the waters are begging just to know ya, and it’s true, baby, I’ve been saving this for you.”

In a Thursday tweet, he seemed to go a step further shortly after the song’s release, implying that “Bloom” was specifically about being on the receiving end of gay sex.

Though Sivan has since deleted the tweet, fans have been retweeting screenshots of it for posterity. The reaction to his cheeky #BopsBoutBottoming hashtag has been exuberant, too.

In an April 30 video teasing the release of “Bloom,” Sivan sits on a bed as a man lies behind him.

“It’s about flowers,” he quips in the clip below.

Sivan also played coy when Dazed asked about the meaning of the song in a March interview.

“It’s 100 percent about flowers! That’s all it is,” he said. “Call it whatever you wanna call it. I wanna play that song at every Pride.”

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