Troye Sivan: 'If No One Accepts Me, At Least Miley Cyrus Will'

When musician and actor Troye Sivan, who is openly gay, was struggling with his sexual identity he found a lot of solace in music. With pop artists like Miley Cyrus (still in the tail end of her Disney years) and Lady Gaga openly singing about homosexuality, Sivan felt accepted. Five years on, with an enormous following on social media and his debut album Blue Neighbourhood (2015) doing well, Sivan is aware of the larger social impact of his own music and is trying to do the same for his fans. "Those songs we're a lot more comforting and had a lot of impact in that they let you know that you're not alone. Even if your situation is shit, there's a much bigger world out there with people who'll show you love and support."