Troye Sivan's New Single 'My, My, My' Is A Flashy, Sexy Dream

"I die every night with you / Oh my my my!"

Oh my, my, my, Troye Sivan’s latest single off his upcoming album is a sweaty, sensual dance party. And fans are LOVING it.

“Buzz cut/I got my tongue between your teeth/Go slow./No, no go fast/You like it just as much as me,” the saucy lyrics say.

The song, entitled “My My My!,”  dropped with a flashy new video directed by Grant Singer.

By “flashy,” we mean literally flashy: The video comes with a sensitivity warning for those with “photosensitive epilepsy.” If you can’t bear to watch, think lots of flashing lights, intimate close-ups, and hips gyrating.

Despite the warning, Twitter users have come out in droves to share their support for the seductive tune:

The Australian singer-songwriter’s as-yet-untitled album is slated for release by Capitol Records in the spring. We, along with Twitter, cannot wait! Keep the bops comin’, Troye.



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