Truck In A Tree: Oregon Authorities Baffled As To How Vehicle Got 10 Feet Above Ground (PHOTOS)

Authorities BAFFLED By Truck In A Tree (PHOTOS)

Authorities were left scratching their heads after they were called to investigate a truck stuck 10 feet above the ground in the branches of a tree.

Oregon's Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue looked into the incident on Sunday morning.

Firefighters used thermal imagers to scan the vehicle and the surrounding area around the tree to confirm that the truck was empty and the driver and/or passenger(s) had not been ejected during the crash. The thermal imagers did not pick up any heat ‘signatures,’ suggesting that it had been some time since the crash.

Though there were no injuries, the "details of how the truck came to rest in the tree remains a mystery at this time," according to the release.

There is still hope for an answer to authorities' lingering question. KOIN reports that a woman who identified herself as the driver of the car, returned to the scene. Emily Van Vleck was cited for an alleged hit-and-run and alleged criminal mischief.

But law enforcement officials still have not posited a theory for how the truck ended up in the tree.

Truck In A Tree In Oregon

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