Truck Of BEES Overturns On Washington State Highway

Truck Of BEES Overturns On Washington State Highway


A semi-truck loaded with honey bees overturned in Washington state before dawn Friday, unleashing millions of live bees across the highway.

"There are so many honey bees out here," Jake Whittenberg of KING 5 News reported from the scene.

The accident happened when the truck driver blew a tire while merging from I-405 to I-5. The driver was not hurt in the incident.

The clock was ticking on clean-up efforts, however, as responding beekeepers attempted to salvage as many boxes of bees as possible.

Crews raced to get the bees contained by daybreak, when temperatures warm and the bees become more active and agitated. At first, the bees were largely staying in their boxes because they were producing honey and protecting the queen, but members of the KIRO 7 News crew have since been stung numerous times.

The spill stretches nearly 100 yards across the highway, according to KOMO.

Drivers passing by are encouraged to keep their windows up.

A crate of bees, not in the truck where it should be.

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