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Truck Carrying 40,000 Pounds Of Biscuits Overturns, Twitter Reacts Accordingly

"ON MY WAY" -- The entire internet.

Well, this could have been quite the biscuit-astrophe.

A truck carrying 40,000 pounds of Popeye's biscuits overturned on a highway in Pearl River County, Mississippi, Wednesday, shutting down parts of the road for hours and diverting morning traffic.

Janel Forte, a reporter from South Mississippi's WLOX, was on site documenting the whole thing. She made sure to let her followers know that the driver and a passenger were fine, and no life-threatening injuries were reported.

"But what about the biscuits?!" Twitter collectively cried.

Forte tweeted that the 40,000 pounds of biscuits would be transported to another truck for delivery before the area could be cleared. That left plenty of time for people to whip up their finest GIFs...


...and 140-character thoughts on the matter.

Thank you, internet, for always providing us with the freshest-from-the-oven reactions to the most important happenings.

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