Truckers Ride For The Constitution Failing To Beat Out Everyday Beltway Headaches So Far

As of midday Friday, a much-anticipated protest spearheaded by a group of tea party truck drivers appears to be causing minimal disruptions.

The Washington Post reports that the "Truckers Ride For The Constitution" added little fanfare to traffic on the Capital Beltway. As of mid-morning, Maryland State Police told the paper that there were a few minor accidents on the outer loop of the interstate, but none were related to the protest. In Virginia, state police said the trucks were within the flow of traffic, thanks to rainy weather conditions.

“As long as they’re not impeding the flow of traffic, they’re good to go," Virginia State Police spokesperson Corinne N. Geller told the Post.

Some photos of trucks on the road, via WTTG-TV reporters:

According to the group's Facebook page, the trucker event was spurred by Americans feeling "sick and tired of the corruption that is destroying" our country. The strike was set to run through Sunday.

In an interview with WTVR-TV ahead of Friday's start, Michael Schaffner of RideForTheConstitution.org said that the two-party system is causing more grief than good.

“I’m not all for the divisional structure of Republican and Democrats, because it creates more division within the country,” Schaffner said.

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