Justin Trudeau's Motorcade Involved In California Crash, 3 Hospitalized

The Canadian prime minister was uninjured, but a California Highway Patrol officer and two people in an SUV were hurt.

Three people were hospitalized Friday night after a California Highway Patrol motorcycle leading Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s motorcade was involved in a crash with an SUV near Los Angeles.

None of the injuries appeared to be critical, according to police and a family member.

The prime minister was in California for events that included a meeting with Gov. Jerry Brown (D). The motorcade had just left the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, where Trudeau had presented a speech on the benefits of the North American Free Trade Agreement, when the driver of a Toyota Highlander turned left and collided with a CHP motorcycle leading the motorcade, police told ABC7-TV.

The motorcycle was badly mangled in the 7:20 p.m. crash, and the officer sustained “moderate injuries,” according to the Ventura County Fire Department. The SUV driver and her son also were transported to the hospital.

The husband of the driver, whom police did not identify, told ABC7 that his wife injured her neck and that their son may have broken his wrist.

The motorcade continued on its way after the wreck, The Toronto Star reported.

Trudeau arrived in San Francisco on Thursday for meetings to discuss possible Canadian investments and business partnerships. He also met with Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos, who’s considering locations for a second headquarters. Toronto is on the short list.

Trudeau also spent time Friday with Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Brown and Trudeau talked about climate change and trade. Brown told ABC that President Donald Trump is “AWOL on climate change,” so other leaders have to fill the vacuum and do what they can.

“The Trump people have their heads in the sand, and we have to make allies in Canada,” Brown said.

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