Justin Trudeau Is Romancing Emmanuel Macron And It's Too Much

But what about Barack?

Move over Barack Obama ― Justin Trudeau just started a new bromance.

Images emerged Friday of the Canadian prime minister talking with France’s new President Emmanuel Macron at the G7 Summit in Italy, surrounded by flowers ― and internet users around the world swooned.

Trudeau famously had a bromance with Obama when he was president, but we think the new coupling of “MacDeau” is beautiful, sweet, and everything you’d want it to be.

They look adorable together. Seriously, they could be plotting world domination but they just look so lovely doing it.

Many social media commentators believe this budding bromance could be the start of something incredible, and we could not agree more.

Are we bitter about the Canadian Prime Minister moving on so quickly after Barack Obama left office? Sure. But sometimes a man has to keep going forward.

We will never forget the beauty of our original international bromance.  



Obama and Trudeau Are Just Awesome Together