'True Blood' Recap: Another One Bites The Dust In 'In The Evening'

Note: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Season 6, Episode 7 of HBO's "True Blood," titled "In the Evening."

I'm so glad Eric and Bill are under one roof again. Eric jailbreaks Nora (who's quickly deteriorating from Hep V), brings her to Bill and submits to him. Before you get all miffed about my verb choice, I mean he asks Bill for help and admits that Bill has powers he didn't know he could have. Nora doesn't want Warlow's blood to save her, but she submits to drinking from Bill. Before she kicks it, we get a flashback to her and Eric's origin story. He saved her from a plague, but he lost her to this new one. Pretty little Nora just melts into goo. Bill meets Eric's eye as she dribbles over the duvet and we know it's on for the quest for Warlow's blood.

I'm glad everyone else is under one roof, too. Sookie wakes from her one-night stand with Warlow because Arlene is losing it at Terry's grave. Warlow thinks now that they've done it, Sookie is ready to submit to eternal life, but she's still on the fence about that. Family and friends are her Achilles' heel. She hikes up her skirt and hits the road.

Andy and Holly get Arlene properly drunk enough to forget her loss. Welcome to the South! Arlene hates on Lafayette for Terry's death, so Sookie Sherlock and him go to the bank to see what that key opens up. They find the life insurance policy that proves Terry was planning his suicide all along.

In fact, there's a lot of little mini-stories happening in the House of Mourning. Sook and LaLa decide not to tell Arlene about the money, but I wonder how that even matters now. Sookie meets Andy's fairy daughter through their thoughts. And Bill comes in to pay his condolences. After proving he can walk in daylight, he pleads with Sookie to take him to Warlow -- not to fight, but to help save "her friends" (Tara, Jess, Eric, and maybe Pam) from dying. She sort of plays hard to get since she drank from Warlow and has some power, but it looks like she's down for fighting on Team Vamp.

Meanwhile, back at the camps, Willa's spread the word to Pam that Hep V is in the Tru-Blood they're going to get for their breakfast. You all gave me a hard time about not knowing about Hep V last week, but Pam, straight from downward dog, didn't know about it either. Cue that hiss. Pam seduces her gross therapist into letting her out of solitary so she can spread the word about Hep V to Jess and Tara and at least save her own.

Those two girls are doing just fine so far, though. Jess meets with Jason and he brings her Jason, the nice vamp who wouldn't copulate with her for science. They decide it's better to do it for lust instead after a heart-to-heart about humanity and virtue.

Sarah Newlin finds the governor's head and smooches it just before trying to run the campaign without him. She wants to Olivia Pope his beheading and pretend that he's alive so that she can run the campaign to distribute the tainted Tru-Blood as God intended. Only her and the senator and the SWAT team know the governor's dead. Wearing her best pantsuit, she finds Jason on duty, cuts him up, and throws him into female gen pop to pay for his sins. But if we know Jason, and we do, that's sort of awesome -- if only because Tara's there to have his back and fend off the nasty vamps. And then that brunette badass steps in to claim him for her own. This is going to be fun.

Also, Sam and Nicole split up since he wants to head back to Bon Temps for Terry's funeral. He sends her off with her nice mother, but crazy Ricki gets to them and brings them back to the pack. She's out for blood, too, especially Alcide's since he told her he took care of them.

We're three episodes out. I hope we get to Sarah Newlin implode. Do you think Warlow's going to be mad at Sookie? Share your thoughts in the comments!

"True Blood" airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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