'True Blood' Recap: Two Major Deaths Shake Bon Temps

Note: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Season 6, Episode 6 of HBO's "True Blood," "Don't You Feel Me?"

Let that light shine! I've mentioned missing more vampire action, Lafayette scenes, and Sookie choosing between good and evil. I got what I asked for tonight. I also mentioned that I wished Terry was dead, and now, well, I feel a little sorry about that.

First things first, Terry and Sam. Terry goes to Lafayette's house to give him a safe deposit key in preparation for his assisted suicide. Lafayette's so worn out from being possessed and calls Arlene to let her know that something's up with him. Who said potheads weren't responsible citizens? Holly and Arlene conspire to glamour Terry to make him forget that he wanted to die, but they didn't know they had to glamour the sniper. Just when things start going well in Arlene's world, Terry goes down and things get sort of sad.

Also sad, for Sam lovers, is the fact that Alcide has pretty much banished him. Nicole, the VUS girl, talks Sam into giving Emma back to her grandmother, which he reluctantly does. Aside from not letting the kid eat Funyuns, it seems like a good idea. So now Emma's with the pack, J.D. is proud of Alcide, and Sam's on the lam.

But we have more interesting things going on. While Lafayette was still possessed, Bill and Ben both feel that Sookie's in danger. Ben makes it to her first and sucks the ghost out of Lafayette, who heads home to smoke and relax (and inadvertently ruin Arlene's life). Sookie and Ben escape to fairy land together to hide out from Bill, or Lilith, or vampire vibes in general. They have a heart to heart while she ties him up to protect herself from his dark, Warlow, side. Then, she admits that she's a full-grown woman with feelings for the fairy. They feed off of each other and she might just be willing to go vamp to get away from it all. To be continued.

Bill has a bright idea to get the scientist to draw enough blood to make him loopy enough to meet with Lilith again. She gives him a talking to, banishing him from coming to her with his questions. She's not going to micro-manage the salvation of all vampires.

When he's brought back to reality in the lab, he locks up the doctor and drinks Andy's fairy daughter blood. Now, he can actually go out in broad daylight. He goes straight to the governor's mansion, interrupts bible study, and tears the governor's head off. Literally.

Then, there are the camps. I thought we were going to have to watch an Eric-Pam showdown, but those crazy kids combine forces to kill a guard and scare Newlin and the governor (pre-beheading). They lock Eric up and take Pam back to her therapist. I was wondering where Nora was all this time. The governor injects her with a virus they're working on. He calls it, tastelessly, Hepatitis V and Eric has to watch her deteriorate. Just before it gets bad, he summons Willa, who's getting all "Orange Is The New Black" with Tara in gen-pop. Tara coaches her into glamouring a guard, sneaking into Eric's holding room, and busting both him and Nora out. As they make their way to a prison break, Eric busts into a backroom. Remember that Tru-Blood deal the governor made in the premiere? They're lacing that stuff with the vampire-killing virus. Eric's head is spinning, Nora is about to die, and they still have to find Jess and Tara and wreak havoc on these crazy bigots ...

... Which means they're going to run into Jason, who's managed to get himself recruited into the LAVTF and is inside the camp. Sarah Newlin isn't happy about it, but he vows to blackmail her with their affair if she tries to kick him out. In return, she attempts to make him squirm by throwing Jess into the pen for a "copulation study." It's pretty ridiculous. Luckily, Jason thrives on ridiculous and keeps a straight face. He looks more determined than ever to break Jess out. Now that the governor is dead, that leaves Ms. Newlin in charge, and she's just a boatload crazy. I would love to watch Eric turn her, too.

It's all a little much, right? Well, butch up, and save me some chicken. It's only going to get crazier. Predictions? Complaints? Let's dish.

"True Blood" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.