'True Blood' Season Four Video: Watch The First Three Minutes (VIDEO)

Sink your fangs into this.

Less than a month ahead of its fourth season premiere, HBO has released the first three minutes of that highly anticipated first episode. It was originally an iPad-only clip, but it's made the jump to YouTube, where Bon Temps fans can check out the action at the fairy headquarters, where light fruits are served and fairy godmothers revealed.

For the record, Sookie makes sure to assert that her fairy godmother sucks. Also, things may not quite be what they seem in the heavenly realm.

One of the series' top stars, Alexander Skarsgård, covers this month's issue of Interview Magazine, in which he discusses how, despite now being in his fourth year with the same character, he's in no way getting sick of the role.

"No, I still love it. I think the writing on the show is so good that it keeps me interested. I was nervous when I first started True Blood because if you do a play or a movie, you know the complete arc of the character. You can see the end," he said. "But with a show like 'True Blood,' you don't know what's going to happen. 'We're shooting season four, and I don't even know how it's going to end because they write it as we're shooting it. So I was nervous. I didn't know how it would be to live with a character for years, because I've never experienced that before. What happens if you wake up after two years, and you're like, 'Oh, God. I'm over this guy?' But the writing is so good, and they keep surprising me. Plus, we only shoot for six or seven months out of the year, so there is time to try other things as well."

"True Blood" debuts its fourth season on HBO on Sunday, June 26th.